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Alexandra Baig, MBA, CFP®

About me

I’m an educator.  For me, the most important outcome is that my clients understand why and how of what they have and what they are doing.  


As an equity analyst in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  I learned how each industry worked and evaluated why each company might or might not succeed.  Then I educated the China fund managers on whether and why they should buy, sell or hold.  The first IPO my employer underwrote was seven times oversubscribed.


When I started as executive director of L'Arche, the community had only one home and was struggling financially because none of the residents had the Medicaid Waiver funding for which they were eligible.  I educated the board on how the Wavier worked.  I educated the Department of Human Services Disability Division on how L'Arche worked as a unique model for supported living.  We applied, everyone got funded and the community was able to add a home and double in size.   

As a Certified Financial Planner for families with special needs, I educate clients as necessary on how they can make the best use of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and their own resources to support a financially secure life for everyone in the family, particularly the member with disabilities.

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