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Young man with disbility walking with mom and sisters.

For People with Disabilities and their Families

"I want to have my own home with support staff.  I need to put away money for training and technology to advance my job search.  I need reliable, accessible transportation.  I want to have a job and earn as much as I can.  I need to save for retirement.  And I need to do all these things without jeopardizing the Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare benefits that cover the extra expenses I have because of my disability."


If this is how you open the conversation,  does your financial professional know what you need to do to succeed?  I do know and here's what we can do together:

  • Collect and highlight relevant points on the documents you will need to get your Social Security benefits

  • Prep for your intake interview, so that you understand how to answer the questions in a way that supports your eligibility

  • Find and evaluate the cost and benefits of day or training programs

  • Follow the rules so that you can earn up to $40,000/year and still maintain Medicaid and Waiver-funded support services

  • Cost out all kinds of housing options

  • Forecast and budget how much money you will need beyond government benefits to live the way you want to

  • Fund an ABLE account and/or a special needs trust

  • Connect to experienced legal, tax and service-providing professionals to make sure your support team is solid

As a certified financial planner, I have a graduate level education in financial, investment, estate, education, insurance and tax planning.  As the past executive director of a supported living agency, I understand government benefits and the disability service delivery system.   I receive no product commissions; you compensate me only for my advice and experience.  I can work for you solo, or in partnership with your existing financial or insurance professional.

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